The Beaver Informatics Competition (BIC) is an online competition that introduces computer science concepts and logical problem solving to students.

The BIC is a part of the international Bebras effort. The first Bebras competition was organised in Lithuania in 2004 and the word ‘Bebras’ means beaver in Lithuanian. Beaver is selected as the mascot due to its industriousness and natural engineering capabilities.

Bebras aims to promote interest in Information Technology, Informatics, and Computational Thinking to teachers and pupils of all ages, as well as to the public a large.

As of 2014, Bebras competitions have been held in 36 countries with more than 900,000 student participants.The competition is organised locally by each participating country every year.

The BIC in Malaysia is supported by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), an agency under the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia.

For more info on the international Bebras initiative, visit


In Malaysia, the Bebras competition is known as the Beaver Informatics Competition (BIC). The first Beaver competition in Malaysia is held in 2015.


  • To introduce and develop computational thinking among students in Malaysian school.
  • To develop high level of digital literacy among Malaysian students.
  • To develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and problem solving skills among Malaysian students.
  • To support the development of the national digital blueprint under the Digital Malaysia initiative ( by the introduction  of computational thinking concepts in school.



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